About Justin Zeltzer

Justin Zeltzer is a product of several thousand millennia of evolving life-forms on planet Earth. His ancestry can be traced to a protozoa in the Hadean. From there the family line can be followed through a collection of robust cyanobacterium and a variety of multicellular organisms around 1,400,000,000 BC. It was in 350,000,000 BC that the first of the tetrapod Zeltzers emerged, allowing for more rapid movement on land. This has come in handy for Justin given his reticence to spend his life submerged in the ocean. Moreover the evolution to bipedalism in 260,000,000 BC has freed up Justin's upper limbs to allow for his gesticulations and abide his attempted mastery of the cart-wheel. 

About Jeremy’s Iron

Jeremy’s Iron is a conversation between a biostatistician (Justin Zeltzer) and an orthopaedic surgeon (Justin Bobyn). With our backgrounds in medical research and medical…. medicine, we intend to rustle through all the new and interesting science research and highlight our favourites.